Commercial Moves


Unlike residential moving, moving your business or office requires speed, precision and detailed planning. It is a very specialized field, and its success ultimately depends on the experience and level of commitment on part of the movers. ASR Movers understands that you have your daily business to get on with, customers to take care of, services to provide and an organized space to operate from. The key element of a successful commercial moving is minimum disruption to your business.

ASR Movers are dedicated to exclusively servicing the transitional needs of businesses. A commercial moving expert works very closely with your company much ahead of the actual move. The following steps and its proper implementation can result in a successful and seamless moving operation:

  1. Meeting: A meeting is set up with a supervisor and a detailed walk through is conducted, floor/room plans are laid out and each room assigned with a color. Elevators and exit routes are inspected.
  2. Materials:  All moving and packing supplies are then dropped off at your business at any time of your convenience. We carry a wide range of professional grade boxes and packing supplies to meet all your packing and preparation needs.
  3. Packing and Preparation:  One day ahead of the move, all your contents of your business/office are carefully wrapped and packed. All the boxes are then labeled and colour tagged in accordance to the color of the room it is in. Simultaneously, a team is dispatched to your new office /business to label the rooms with the colours corresponding to the floor plan.
  4. Move:  On the day of the move, a specialized crew led by a supervisor is dispatched as agreed. The moving crew loads your entire inventory carefully onto the truck(s). Attention is paid to weight shift during transit. Typically more than the required number of trucks is operated to facilitate a speeder move.
  5. Unpacking:  At the destination, our movers will unload and unpack according to the color codes on the floor plan. Every piece of furniture, office equipment and box will be placed as earlier discussed and noted. Used boxes and unwanted wrapping and packing waste will then be removed and a final walk through with your office liaison will be conducted.

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